Writing, Editing
Do you have a great story to tell, but don't have the time or talent to tell it? Need correspondence or web copy that sings?

Oak Tree can produce news and feature stories and columns, press releases, white papers, email blast copy, fundraising letters - any kind of writing or writing template - that can help grow your enterprise by reaching the audience you need to reach and telling the story you need to tell. We also provide copy editing, proof-reading, and document development.

Media Relations
Achieving good press is not rocket science, but it does take skill, discipline and perseverance. Do you know which medium you should be utilizing to reach potential clients or customers? Do you have a positive, trusted relationship with the top three editors or media producers who reach your potential clients or customers?

Oak Tree helps you grow the story potential of your business. We report stories and create press releases featuring newsworthy aspects of your organization, and tailor those ideas to fit the media we want to reach - when they need to be reached.

Crisis Media Relations
When we make mistakes, we usually want to resolve them in private. Unfortunately, sometimes they're a matter of public record. At Oak Tree we know from experience that honest communication helps mitigate negative attention. If you have a media crisis, Oak Tree Communications will stand tall with you.

We work as a liaison between the client and media to make certain accurate, nuanced information is presented to media for public consumption. Oak Tree knows that honesty, humility, a pro-active stance, and the proper choice of words and phrases can make the difference between receiving accurate and empathetic, or accurate and unsupportive media coverage.

Strategic, Tactical Marketing Planning
Good publicity doesn't just happen, just as taking a business from 2 to 24 employees doesn't happen overnight. As with any enterprise worth doing, it pays to plan well.

Oak Tree Communications will meet with you and listen to your end goals and expectations, then develop a media marketing plan that encompasses the scope, breadth and time needed to achieve your public relations goals.

Event, Campaign Publicity
Planning a meeting, special event, or political campaign publicity is fun, but stressful, especially when you are in a position of responsibility.

Now you can sleep well at night and still host a well-publicized event or campaign. Oak Tree will create a media master calendar and outline comprehensive, deadline-driven tasks needed to keep the publicity machine rolling along as the clock ticks down to showtime.

We'll drive the process in a pro-active manner that instills pride, excitement, and team-building to make the planning process positive for all. The end result? A seamless, well-organized event or campaign that will generate kudos from all who participate.

Oak Tree Communications has a wealth of experience helping plan and publicize special events and community and political campaigns. We work with a client individually or as part of a planning team.