STOBER Apprenticeships Develop Work Force, Spur Economic Development
Peter Feil, vice president at STOBER Drives, Inc., in Maysville, Ky., developed an apprenticeship training program that has helped retain workers and develop the local work force. His big-picture reasons why were featured in Industry Week; Smart Business and the Ledger Independent.

Even a Herd of Elephants Canít Crack this Strong Floor!
Business Courier reporter Tom Demeropolis reported on a strong floor Unit Building Services just completed building for materials testing customer Metcut Research, Inc. This link has had 297 clicks:

National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting Hosts Fundraising Concert
The National VOA Museumís first fundraising concert featured the legendary Carmon DeLeone and was sponsored by the Carol Ann & Ralph Haile, Jr. /U.S Bank Foundation. Pre-and post-news and photos of the event appeared in West Chester Liberty Lifestyle Magazine; TodaysPulse; Enquirer and Movers & Makers magazine.

Guttman Properties to Build $20 Million Luxury Senior Housing Development
Cincinnati commercial real estate developer Ian Guttman announced a $20 million luxury senior housing development called The Grand of Prospect in Louisville that ran in multiple publications, including Business First; Courier-Journal; Insider Louisville; Senior Housing News and Multi-Housing News.

Largest-Ever Psychic Expo Comes to Cincinnati
About 12,000 people attended the twice-annual Victory of Light psychic expo in Cincinnati this year, making it the 13th largest convention in greater Cincinnati. Publicity efforts garnered stories and interviews with psychics and healers on WLW; WKRCís Local 12; Enquirer; WVXUís Around Cincinnati; NKY Tribune; and the TodaysPulse.

Kehoe Financial Advisors: How to Handle Multiple 401(k) Accounts
Certified financial planner Tom Keller discussed three ways to manage multiple 401(k)s in order to protect your financial future in the Business Courier; Enquirer and Western Hills Press.

Daily Calf Stretching Can Help Patients Avoid Foot, Ankle Surgeries
Orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Amis developed a calf-stretching device called the One-Stretch to help patients avoid foot and ankle surgeries. A story on calf-stretching ran in the Enquirer, Clifton Chronicle and PRWEB, generating almost 3,000 reads and 150,000 headline impressions.

CEI Foundation Opens Two Eye Clinics for Underserved
A story on the Cincinnati Eye Institute Foundationís two new free eye clinics for underserved adults appeared in Movers & Makers; WKRCís Local 12; and the Enquirer.

Yes, You Should Sweat the Small Stuff at Work, Says Business Consultant
It used to be managers were urged not to sweat the details, but those details are crucial to building a positive corporate culture in an organization. Kendall Wright of Entelechy was featured in Entrepreneur, Industry Week, Smart Business and the Enquirer on the Three Cís of effective corporate communication.

Social Security Claim Changes Kick the Legs out from Under Retirement Incomes
Financial advisor David Reyes of Reyes Financial Architecture in La Jolla, Calif., was named 2016 National Social Security Advisor of the Year for his Social Security education advocacy. His opinions on means testing for Social Security appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune; Entrepreneur;; and the San Diego Business Journal.

Unlimited Vacation! More Companies Embracing Flexible Work, Down Time Policies
Business Courier reporter Andy Brownfield wrote a story with Jim Mullaney of Edoc Service, a virtual business services company, on how more companies nationwide are embracing unlimited vacation policies. The story sparked a Courier survey that polled people on how much vacation they REALLY want per year. Winning range indicates Cincinnatians are very German: 4-8 weeks. Mullaney was also featured in the JournalNews; Enquirer; and on WLW with Bill Cunningham.

In Memoriam: Heimlich Memoir Recounts Surgeonís Seventy Years of Saving Lives
Associated Press reporter Lisa Cornwellís story on Dr. Henry Heimlichís career and memoir was distributed worldwide and used in AP-subscribing publications worldwide. AP stories are read by nearly half the worldís population each day. Heimlich died in late 2016. He is best known for his development of the Heimlich Maneuver. Click here

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