We all want more -- more customers, increased stature in our client communities, more synergistic relationships with other firms. But how does an organization get more without compromising a leader's time and abilities?

Oak Tree Communications, LLC helps leverage your unrealized strengths into communications strategies that lead to profits. It's the publicity and public relations firm to turn to for creativity, experience and expertise.

We focus on strategies and tactics to achieve your goals, then implement them through a variety of deadline-driven communication, promotion and public relations activities.

At Oak Tree Communications, our goal is to grow your influence through media -- through thoughtful, thorough research, development of a strategic marketing plan, and scheduled, sustained efforts.

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  1. You lead your field -- but not enough people realize it.

  2. You're launching a new product and/or service.

  3. You're adding new locations or relocating.

  4. Your business is a niche with unique products and services.

  5. Your competition is getting press attention that you are not.

  6. You have an inspiring story to tell that would motivate others to seek out your business.

  7. You want to write for trade publications, but don't have the time.

  8. Your industry or profession is misunderstood and you want to set the record straight.

  9. Your company supports charitable and community projects, but is not getting the credit.

  10. You realize that the best way to make a small enterprise seem like a big one is with professional PR and marketing.